Unique, the only one in the world, full of humor, but also memories - such is the Alley of Famous Noses in Kremnica. It is a reminder that humour and satire have made people laugh and brought them joy, no mourning.

The alley of famous noses is located in the centre of Kremnica above the main square of Štefánik. We can find it more precisely in the courtyard behind Ján Levoslav Bella's house, which also houses the permanent exhibition of the Gýča Museum.

The alley of famous noses was invented by comedian Stano Radič. It was supposed to be Hollywood's parody, but at the same time it was supposed to be a pretty serious humorous pantheon.

Its history started in 2004 as part of the 24th Humour Festival, the Gags of Kremnica. Since then, the organizers of the festival unveil at each year of the festival a sculpture of the face of a prominent personality - a Slovak artist who, during his life, distributed cheerfulness and good humour.

The first sculpture in the alley was the nose of Julius Satinsky. There are noses and entire faces of, for example, Jaroslav Filip, Stanislav Radič, Marián Kochanský, Katarína Kolníková, Jozef Kroner, Marián Zednikovič and other Slovak personalities.

Alley of famous noses attracts a lot of attention and many visitors come here every year to remember Slovak artists.

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