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Ranch below Babica in the village of Bojná at the foot of Považský Inovec Mountains lies just 10 km from Topolcany. This place is a kind of hotspot. Every visitor, regardless of age, as well as groups, companies or schools is welcome here.

An interesting feature of the ranch are two ponds in the mountain environment with the possibility of sport fishing. You don't have to be a fisherman to catch your own fish. And then, you can roast and eat your catch on the covered grill.

As it goes with proper ranches, there is no lack of animals. When visiting this Ranch, you can see the ZOO corner with more than 40 species of animals. Most animals are fosterlings of ranch, but some of them are imported from undignified conditions. You can enjoy traditional farm animals, wildlife, but also exotic animals and birds.

 Pleasant dining with quality food awaits you at the on-site restaurant, which also runs a terrace overlooking the pond during the summer.

There is a playground for children, but during summer they can also enjoy horse riding. Sports-minded visitors can play volleyball on the beach court or go cycling.

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