• GPS: 49.16732, 20.28909

Aqua Relax is located in Sorea Titris Odborár Hotel in Tatranska Lomnica. It offers its guests as well as the public a number of water attractions, thanks to which it has ranked among the top Tatras hotels.

Water world Aqua Relax, located in the so-called Zone I, has a recreational swimming pool with a counter-current flowing into a 36-meter water slide. The pool is equipped with a mushroom, acceleration channel, massage jets and water spouts. Relaxing seating pool is for regeneration.

The pool hall also has a terrace for sunbathing during the summer.

Zone II features a sauna world with a dry sauna, a bio sauna with herbs and a steam sauna. It also includes hot tubs, a relaxation room and cooling pools. You can also enjoy various wraps, massages or other wellness treatments.

Social and sanitary facilities are part of each zone.

You may need some: accommodation Tatranská Lomnica
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