• Slnečné jazerá - sever, Senec

Aquathermal Senec is a tourist-relaxation water park where you can enjoy thermal water pools and interesting attractions all year round.

It is a popular summer resort in the Sunny Lakes - North. During the year, there are 6 swimming pools in operation and even 11 in the summer. Pools have a variety of water attractions such as water jets, massage benches or counter-current or water umbrella. Adrenaline is secured by 1 inner toboggan all year round and in summer, also by several outdoor toboggans and slides.

In the area of the aquapark, there is a relaxation center SAI Wellness Senec, which offers several types of saunas, various massages and the possibility to relax in the bead pools, or to cool well after the sauna.

You can refresh yourself with alcoholic or non-alcoholic mixed drinks at the cocktail bar, located just below the palm trees. Moreover, you do not have to carry any cash with you in the area of the aquapark, because the modern electronic chip system records your consumption and you pay the bill when you leave.

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