• Zámok a okolie 11, Bojnice

Bring yourself to the times of kings, princesses, nobility and skillful falconers. If you want to feel like the fairy tale Falconer Thomas, visit Bojnice.

In Bojnice, you can find falconers in the natural amphitheater of the AQUILA permanent scene, located about 100 meters from the entrance to the castle. The performances are thematically set in period times. That is why the actors are dressed in fascinating period costumes, and the historic music, which is performed by flights of various birds of prey, completes the charming ancient atmosphere.

You can see the majestic predators up close, as well as their dazzling fly over your heads. Children can also take pictures with these predators and stroke them, leaving this visit of falconers with beautiful souvenir.

The presentation of falconers is also enriched by the magicians who show their charms and magics to the children. If you want to take a portrait or a drawing with you, sit back in your chair and let yourself be painted by the clever painter Majster Farbička (Master of Colours).

Aquila Falconers also have a stage show in their repertoire, with or without puppets. Children can listen to gripping historical fairy-tales or learn a song about scarecrows.

Please check the dates of shows and programs on the web site.

You may need some: accommodation Bojnice
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