The ascent to the peak of Šíp is a compulsory ride of every fan of tourism in Greater Fatra. Beautiful Liptov nature and amazing panoramic views await you here. The peak of Šíp rises above the confluence of the rivers Váh and Orava.

This beautiful, rocky hill can be seen from the road leading to the village of Stankovany. The entire ascent route to Šíp is about 5.6 km long. A vertical drop of 830 meters awaits you and, of course, a steep climb in the last sections too.

The peaks offer a breathtaking view of Stankovany, most of the Greater Fatra, Choč Mountains and, in good weather, High or Low Tatras. On the other side, you will see Orava and Dolný Kubín.

You can also continue towards Zadný Šíp or wander slightly on the slopes and look for caves that are really abundant in the Šíp rock cliffs. From Zadný Šíp, you can go downwards to Podšíp.

It is possible to climb the top of Šíp along marked hiking trails from the village of Kraľovany (approx. 4 km) or the village of Dierová (approx. 4 km). The ascent is moderately demanding and the route from Kraľovany is a little steeper than from Stankovany.

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