The charming Batizov Mountain Lake may remind you of small Adriatic Sea. If you have free few hours and you are in the Tatras or in the vicinity, you should definitely go for a hike there.

This is a moderate tour because of the 800-meter elevation you need to overcome. Technically, the route is really easy to handle. The hike to the Batizov Lake will enchant you with its beautiful natural scenery and variable places, where massive boulders alternate with scrub.

The Batizov Lake was created by the activity of the glacier. It is located** in the popular Batizov Valley**, which is cut by the Batizov Stream. There are also well-known Batizov Waterfalls.

Batizovské pleso lake lies at an altitude of 1884.2 m. You will be enchanted not only by the environment in which the lake is set, but also by its beautiful and crystal clear water, which perfectly reflects the majestic surroundings of the Tatra peaks.

You can get to the Batizov Lake by marked hiking trails from Poprad Mountain Lake, or villages of Vyšné Hágy or Tatranská Polianka.

You may need some: accommodation Vyšné Hágy
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