In the mountainous surroundings of Osrblie, there is a blast furnace from the period of Hungarian Kingdom. It is an important technical monument, of which only the remains have been preserved to date. The blast furnace in Osrblie was in operation from 1795 to 1872, when iron ore was processed here. In 1882, a blast furnace, as well as all the surrounding buildings, was devastated by a devastating fire.

The 8.5 m high mantle was preserved from the furnace and was preserved. Today, the Forestry Open-Air Museum forms part of the external exhibition of the Important Forestry Site. The whole area is nicely modified for rest.

The place is ideal for trips or roasters for families with children. At the same time, the blast furnace from the period of Hungaryian Kingdom represents a pleasant stop during exploring the mountains in the surroundings of Osrblie.

You may need some: accommodation Osrblie
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