The majestic Boboty massif lying in Krivánská Little Fatra between Tiesňava and Jánošík's Holes is a popular tourist destination. The larger part of the massif is part of the Tiesňava National Nature Reserve.

Dolomite towers or other impressive rock formations can be seen from the ridge of mixed forests and shrubs. The very top of the massif is overgrown and you can hardly look for any views from here.

However, the lower ridge parts are much more attractive outlook place. There are very nice views of Vratná Valley, surrounding foothills and last but not least the main ridge of Little Fatra with the hills of Kriváň, Chleb and Greater Rozsutec.

Bobsleighs are a very quiet location, featuring interesting natural scenery. The climb here is secured by chains in some steep rocky sections. The green marked trail leads to Boboty, connecting Tiesňavy and the Vrchpodžiar Saddle. The starting point can be Terchová, settlement of Biely Potok (White Creek) and Štefanová.

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„Zelený TZCH cez Boboty je momentálne do 15.8.2021 uzavretý.“

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