For all the lovers of walks in the less visited locations, where it will be only you, virgin nature and silence, we recommend the Busov Mountains with the hill of the same name.

Busov is one of our smallest forest glades. Located near the Polish border northwest of Bardejov near the village of Cigeľka, which is known for its mineral water springs.

At the top, there is a smaller cleaning area with a wooden cross, a tourist guide with a summit book and an information board. There is** a limited view** from this location. The bright eyes, however, can see also the Wysowa Spa in Poland.

It is interesting that the hill of Busov is embazoned with many legends. According to one of them, the giants dwelt here once. Another says Busov was the place where witches met their guardian Lucifer. However, according to historical artefacts, in the Middle Ages there was a fraternal fortification and in the nearby village of Gaboltov there was also a monastery.

If you want to reach the top of Busov, just follow the marked hiking trail from the villages of Gaboltov and Cigeľka. Hike to this peak is not difficult, but you must overcome the altitude difference of 480 meters.

You may need some: accommodation Gaboltov
Tourist map (GPS 49.38803, 21.16251)
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