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The Bzovík Fort was originally a monastery built on a low elevation in the village of Bzovík. The monastery was built in the second half of the 12th century. It was originally Benedictine, later Premonstratensian monastery.

In the 15th century, a monastery building with a paradise courtyard and a cross corridor in the Gothic style was added to the Romanesque two-tower church. The Gothic arrangement only partially broke the original Romanesque building of the church and monastery.

The Esztergom Chapter sold the fort in 1908. Since then the fortress has been deserted, and during World War II it has been severely damaged. Only the ruins of the former monastery have been preserved, giving a picture of the extent and layout of the buildings. Nowadays, only one Gothic sacristy stands out of the former magnificent monastery buildings, later changed to a chapel, the others are demolished.

You can get to the fortress from the village of Bzovík along the church, where you turn to the road leading to the village of Uňatín. On this road, you carry on straight ahead along the little houses and at the second left turn, after about 400 meters, turn on a side field, gravel-covered path that leads directly to the ruins. You can easily get right in front of the access bridge by car.

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