Krupina Plain is a perfect place for adventurers. In addition to beautiful virgin nature, majestic hills, diverse fauna and flora, you will also find unique natural creations, and places worth exploring here. One such unusual location is located near the village of Hontianske Tesáre.

These are the "Tesárske Dúpence", which are stretched in this area for less than two kilometers. The "dúpence" are actually chambers and small rooms, artificially excavated into soft rock. During the Turkish raids, the inhabitants of the looted villages used them as shelters.

The oldest surviving source, in which the Tesárske Dúpence are mentioned, dates back to 1902 by Andrej Kmeť, who documented them first. Thanks to him, people have been exploring this magical place over the years.

They are located in four places and are named according to the number of holes: one-hole, two-hole and eight-hole. They are hidden in the forest, but there are information boards that lead you to them. Some of them are easily accessible, others need to be climbed on a steep rock or a wooden ladder and several steps carved in stone.

If you would like to continue hiking after visiting this place, about 200 meters behind the Eight-hole, you can enter the short, deep Tesárska Gorge. It will welcome you with a slightly different atmosphere that you are used to in the Slovak Paradise. The gorge is a creation of the stratovolcano of Štiavnica from 15 million years ago.

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