The hill of Pohanská rises in the western part of the Small Carpathians in the cadastre of Plavecké Podhradie. This place was once the largest Celtic town on the territory of current Slovakia. The Celtic oppidum had the shape of an irregular quadrangle with an area of 38 hectares and was an important power center.

Today, it is possible to observe the remains of fortifications, which consisted of a wall of dry laid stones and a clay wall with a wooden structure. At the top of the hilltop, there was a particularly fortified acropolis protected by a hard-to-reach gate with a high wooden tower. There were a number of residential, economic and other purpose-built buildings in the area of the hillfort, after which the unevenness in the terrain can be found.

Pohanská is a rare archaeological site. Several archaeological excavations have been carried out in the area, proving the settlement of Pohanská already in the Early Stone Age. Rare findings also come from the Bronze Age, especially ceramics, as well as common kitchenware.

Pohanská is an ideal place not only for lovers of our history, but also for tourists. From the top of Pohanská there, is a limited but very nice view of the ridges of the Little Carpathians or the Záhorie Lowland. In good visibility, you can see the outlines of the White Carpathians in the distance.

If visiting Pohanská is not enough, just a short distance from this hill , you can find the ruins of a medieval castle called Plavecký Castle. You can reach Pohanská along the Educational Trail of Plavecký Karst, which begins either in the village of Plavecký Podhradie or in Plavecký Mikuláš. From the nature trail, it is necessary to turn to the unmarked forest road leading to the top of Pohanská.

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