If you ever move around the Kamjana mountain range, you will come across a monumental rock formation with carved, almost 1.5 m large, malevolent face. This rock formation is called Čertov kameň (Devil's Stone).

The haunted-looking relief of the devil's head was engraved in the rock in 1994 as a symbolism of a reputation connected with this rock. The locals say that every year on the eve of the religion Ruthenian Feast caled "Pokrova Prečistej Divy Mariji" this place is haunted - the devils are trying to lift the boulder and accomplish their evil deed."

Devil's Stone composed of sandstone provides tourists with fearful rumours as well as a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside and the city of Medzilaborce itself. On the top of the rock there is a tin plate with a coat of arms of the village Krásny Brod. To the west of the rock, there is a cottage that serves as a shelter.

Under the Devil's Stone, it is possible to discover traces in the terrain after the narrow-gauge railway from the interwar period, which served to transport of wood from the surrounding forests. The route is not difficult here, so we recommend this trip to everyone.

The easiest access to Devil's Stone is from the village of Krásny Brod, but it is also accompanied by a forest educational trail from Medzilaborce.

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Anonym • Sep 2020
„Naše malé deti Vám "ďakujú", že lesný náučný chodník z Medzilaboriec ku Čertovmu kameňu je tak neudržiavaný, že sme ho ani nenašli. Za ihriskom hnojisko a za potokom buriny a kríky “

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