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If you are looking for a great tip for a day trip near Bratislava, go to Červený Kameň Castle. Pleasant forest environment, and attractive program will appreciate families with children.

The Červený Kameň Castle rises above the village of Častá, just a short distance from Modra. It is surrounded by the beauty of the southeastern Little Carpathians.

The castle is considered to be one of the unique features of Central European architecture. Its origins date back to 1240. It was part of a system of guard castles in the western part of the Kingdom Hungary.

Among the important owners of the Červený Kameň castle are families such as Turzo, Fugger and Pálffi. It was during the Pálffi era that the fortress turned into a splendid Renaissance mansion, which was furnished with artistic furniture.

The whole castle was open to the public in 1997. There is a museum specializing in the development of the nobility and bourgeoisie's housing culture in Slovakia.

Visitors have the opportunity to choose from four sightseeing tours with different focus and length - from 45 to 75 minutes.

Červený Kameň Castle is open all year round, but you will experience the most varied program especially during the summer months. At that time, in the moonlight and candlelight, the castle in the Little Carpathians gets back to the 16th - 20th century, when it was inhabited by ladies of the Pálffi family.

The castle courtyard is nicely landscaped and there is a small park with a fountain in the centre. Falconers are a typical attraction of Červený Kameň Castle. Here you can come and make a photo with a predator just for a small fee.

You may need some: accommodation Častá
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