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The time required is approx. 1 hour.
The time required is approx. 1 hour.

When you say "Špania Dolina", everyone in Slovakia will immediately experience beautiful nature, a rich tangle of hiking trails or excellent skiing. However, Špania Dolina is also rich in historical and cultural heritage.

The region of Staré Hory and Špania Dolina was in the past an important mining locality where copper was mined. And in order not to forget this important milestone in the history of Špania Dolina, the Copper Museum was established here on the initiative of a civic association of the Herrengrund Copper Mining Fraternity.

The main activity of the museum is collecting, restoring and making available historical artifacts related to copper mining in the region. The museum presents a complete collection of minerals from the deposit, a cross-section of the history of mining and ore processing, and copper export routes from the Early Bronze Age to 1888.

The static part of the exposition is complemented by a computer animation showing the work of the Ludovík shaft water towing machine. Visitors also have a unique opportunity to make their own replica of a Herrengrund cup from 1739. After visiting the museum, it is possible to follow the mining tradition with a guided walk along a small or large educational mining trail. Visiting the museum is possible only by prior phone order.

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