The cottage at the Zelené pleso (Green Mountain Lake) is situated in a beautiful environment of the mountain lake valley in the heart of the High Tatras. The scenery of the cottage is bordered by the massif of the Kežmarský Peak, Veľká Svišťovka Hill, Predné and Zadné Jatky hills, Bujací Hill and of course the turquoise mountain lake. The view of the gently snow-capped peaks of the Belianske Tatras is simply enchanting and you only need a single glance to love this environment.

This cottageis also known as Brnča, Brnčala, or Brnčalka and you will get to know it by its typical ocher facade. The capacity of the cottage is 56 beds. There is a common room and a bar, but the vast majority of visitors stay in the dining room, from where the lake and the peaks are visible. If you decide to stay in this very popular cottage, be prepared not only for a fabulous environment, but also for cozy rooms and a wide range of refreshments.

The cottage is just a short way to climbing routes, so prepare the abundance of mountaineers who start their ascend to the heights with the first dawn. If you are really not a climbing fan, balm for the soul will definitely be a walk through the valley of the Zelené pleso.

The easiest and unpretentious approach is through the valley of Biela voda (White Wate), and this route can also be managed by bicycle.

You may need some: accommodation district Poprad
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