Čutkovská Valley is a truly beautiful location situated in the arms of the Greater Fatra National Park.

Across the valley, the Čutkovo stream bickers through the valley, completing this beautiful natural scenery. Therefore, it is no wonder that Čutkovská Valley is a sought after tourist destination, which provides many visitors (and especially those with children) a lot of experiences.

A short walk from the parking lot, near "Koliba u dobrého pastiera" (chalet a good shepherd), which offers not only accommodation, but also a delicious meal, there is a pond with trout, an alpine farm with sheep, Čutkovská Dam and of course a wonderful environment that this valley offers to all visitors.

On summer days, a horseback ride will make your journey more enjoyable. Children will surely be interested in the creek, which flows only a short distance from the hut, but also in children's wooden playgrounds, sandpit, football field, and many others.

If you like hiking, we recommend you to go deeper into Čutkovská Valley and get to know its secret corners. An educational trail leads through the valley, bringing you, for example, to a gorge and a roaring waterfall. The trail is over 6 km long. The beginning of the route is at the asphalt car park in Čutkovská Valley and the end at the gorge behind the hole (Čutkovský canyon).

Hiking in Čutkovská Valley is challenging in some places, but you can also gain strength thanks to stops with benches where you can sit, relax and refresh yourself.

You may need some: accommodation district Ružomberok
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