Lovers of cycling, especially mountain biking, should visit the beautiful Poľana. Poľana is rich not only on hiking trails, but also on a varied tangle of cycle paths.

For all cycling enthusiasts, there are up to 320 km of marked cycle routes in the area of Poľana. That is why this complex of routes around Poľana is the largest project of its kind in Central Europe.

The main route consists of a circuit around Poľana with a length of 127 km, which is intended primarily for mountain bikes. The adventure cycling around the Poľana volcano begins and ends in Detva.

The curvy cycle path passes through the picturesque Detva region, across the Poľana protected landscape area. Your eyes will see magnificent vistas, nature, ancient architecture of villages hidden in forests, or spread out in the meadows, far from the rush of the city, where time passed very slowly.

Poľana is a paradise for cyclists, it breathes out an incredible atmosphere, people are nice and helpful, cycling routes are easy and nature is magical. The cycling trail leads mostly on asphalt roads, but the more capable cyclists can also choose alternative cycling bypasses, which run along forest paths, with pleasant acoustic backdrops such as air sniffing, creek whirling or bird singing.

If you want to complete the whole cycle route, we recommend dividing it into two days. You will enjoy driving a lot more when you are well-slept, relaxed, fed and full of enthusiasm.

You may need some: accommodation district Banská Bystrica
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