The massive wooded hill Demian lies in the northern part of Štiavnické Hills. Its massive slopes are bordered by the village of Hronská Breznica. The hill is of volcanic origin and due to its low altitude, it offers peaceful and very pleasant hiking between dense forests and rocky outlook.

The cliffs of Demian Hill is formed by andesite. They are uncovered and therefore nicely peek out of the tree tops and lure to the climb. These rock pillars will captivate you not only with their shape, but also with interesting flora and above all with amazing panoramic views of the Hron Valley, the wide Kremnica Hills, Vtáčnik or other distant mountains.

On the top of Demian there is also an educational trail from Hronská Breznica (about 2 km away). However, it can be reached along a longer green marked hiking trail from Šášovské Podhradie (about 8 km away). The hike along this route is all day long and somewhat more demanding, but along the way you can also see historical sights, such as Šášov Castle.

You may need some: accommodation district Žiar nad Hronom
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