• GPS: 48.63695, 19.4834
The time required is approx. 3 hours.
The time required is approx. 3 hours.

The Poľana protected landscape area is included in the UNESCO list. Its area is 20 360 ha. The Poľana mountain range is our highest volcanic mountain range and its peak of the same name reaches 1458 meters. There are only two recreational facilities in the entire area: the Poľana Mountain Hotel and the Pod Hrbom Cottage.

The importance of the Poľana protected landscape area is also evidenced by the attractions that are found here:

  • 3 national nature reserves: Hrončecký grúň, Ľubietovský Vepor and Zadná Poľana
  • 1 National Nature Monument: Bystré Waterfall
  • 7 natural monuments: Bátovský boulder, Havranka, Jánošík's Rock, Kalamárka, Melich's Rock, Spády and Veporské Rocks
  • 7 natural reserves: Raven Rocks, Kopa, Mačinová, Pod Dudášom, Pri Bútľavke, Príslopy and Vrchslatina
  • 4 protected areas: Dolná Zálomská, Horná Chrapková, Hrochotská Bukovina and Meanders of Kamenistý potok (Stony Creek)

An excellent experience for all lovers of mountain biking is definitely a cycling trail around Poľana, which is marked and measures 127 kilometers.

You may need some: accommodation Hriňová
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