The town of Rožňava is beautiful. It will enchant you not only with the historic center but also with the nature it is surrounded by. On the Silická Plain, you will find a magical place that offers amazing tourism and also a beautiful view of the city. It is a hill that is called Dievčenská skala (Girl's Rock).

The girl's rock is situated at an altitude of 660 meters and on its northern slope, there is a small observation rock plain with a steep slope and a small terraced meadow. From here, you can enjoy a semi-circular view of Plešivec Plain, Volovské Hills and Rožňava Basin with Rožňava and Krásna Hôrka Castle.

In the vicinity of the top part of the Girl's Rock, there is also a transmitter of the same name Dievčenská skala (Girl's Rock). It rises to a height of 57 meters, spreading both television and radio signals.

In addition to the views of the Girls' Rock, you can also enjoy a romantic sunrise or sunset. Interesting karst phenomena such as grikes and sinkholes can be observed at lower altitudes.

A good starting point to get there is Jovice and Krásnohorská Dlhá Lúka (about 4 km away). A little longer journey is waiting for you if you come here from the village of Hrušov (about 6 km away). Anyway, it is an undemanding hike, only get ready for a steep climb in the last meters.

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