• GPS: 48.86327, 20.31201

Dobšinská Ice Cave is one of the most important ice caves in the world. It is included in the world's natural heritage. In the cave, you can see ice stalactites, stalagmites, ice falls and floor ice. The floor ice is up to 25 meters thick.

The best conditions for creating ice decorations are in the spring, when surface waters pass through cracks and freezes in the form of multiple formations. Through the sublimation, the coating also forms a rim e coating, giving the underground spaces a distinctive charm.

The cave is accessible from the settlement of Dobšinská ľadová jaskyňa. On the route, which is about 1 km long, there are boards of the educational trail provided. Between the parking lot in the settlement and the entrance to the cave, it is necessary to overcome an altitude difference of 130 m. The ascent to the cave takes about 25 minutes.

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