The time required is approx. 3 hours.
The time required is approx. 3 hours.

Forest nature trail of Bolešov - Krivoklát is one of the information and educational paths that will take you through beautiful locations in the White Carpathians. It was built on the initiative of foresters from the branch plant in Považská Bystrica.

The forest cycling trail is 8.2 kilometers long with an elevation of approximately 200 meters. There are 18 information boards on the route, through which visitors can learn about the local fauna and flora, the natural creation of the Dračia studňa (Dragon Well), and the importance of the activity of foresters.

Obviously, the biggest attraction of the educational trail is the lookout tower, from which there is a nice view of majestic Vršatecká bralá. The highest situated place on the trail of the forest educational trail is the Chrástková gamekeeper's lodge, where you can relax under the shelter or roast.

The trail starts in Bolešovská Valley and ends in the village of Krivoklát with a relatively well-preserved folk architecture, which ends in the Krivoklát gorge. However, the educational trail is bidirectional, so you can start in the opposite direction too. The path of the trail is also copied by the cycling trail and therefore it is not a problem to take a bike here.

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„Krásna trasa, po ceste studničky na doplnenie vody. z vyhliadky však vršatecké bralá nevidieť ani náhodou :)“

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