Have you longed to discover the unique phenomenon of Smolenice Karst? The educational trail of Smolenice races will show them all.

Families with children will enjoy an unpretentious route of 7.5 km and a hundred meters of elevation. The trail offers a recreational tour with a variety of interesting information at nine stops.

The nature of the trail is natural science, conservation, history, culture. It allows to discover the wild gulley of Hlboča with a single waterfall in the Small Carpathians with a height of 9 m and the archaeological site of Molpír.

The curved educational trail will take you to the most beautiful places and provide you with a magnificent view of the entire valley and if you are lucky, you can also see the local forest animals.

In addition to the waterfall, the cave of Driny with its enchanting stalactic decoration, which is the only accessible cave in the Little Carpathians, is another interesting point of the walkaway.

You can access the nature trail from Smolenice, from the church, or from Jahodník on the road to Drina Cave. The walkway is bidirectional and accessible both in summer and winter.

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0.6 km
Driny Cave

Driny Cave is the only accessible cave in western Slovakia. Although it is smaller and less rich in decoration, small visitors will enjoy plenty of bats that fly overhead...

1.8 km
Hlboča Valley

The Hlboča Valley near Smolenice is something like a small Slovak Paradise. Many people do not even know that the Smolenice karst is full of similar beauty as the gorges ...

1.8 km
Hlbočiansky Waterfall

Not far from Smolenice, in the Hlbočianska Valley, natural elements created the Hlbočiansky waterfall. It is the only waterfall in the Little Carpathians that you can vis...

2.4 km
Molpír Hill
Museums and history

Above the village of Smolenice, in the dense forests of the Little Carpathians, there used to be a prehistoric and a Slavic hillfort. Choosing this place for a trip bring...

2.7 km
Čertov žľab (Devil's gutter)

The picturesque village of Smolenice attracts many tourists to visit a fairy tale castle or a mysterious and charming Drina cave. However, it can also offer extensive for...

3.0 km
Smolenice Castle
Castles, chateaus, mansions

On the site of today's Smolenice Castle at the foot of the Little Carpathians, there used to be a medieval castle. It was built in the 14th century as the last of the gua...

3.2 km
Záruby - 768 m asl

The highest peak of the Little Carpathians mountain range is Záruby, which in its full beauty rises to a height of 768 m above sea level near Smolenice. The hill is also ...

3.6 km
Havrania skala - 580 m asl

The eastern edge of the Záruby ridge in the Little Carpathians is bounded by the rocky Havrania skala (Raven Rock). The boulder is especially popular among climbers, but ...