Educational trails allow visitors to get to know the beauty and natural value of the area without a guide and professional interpretation. One of them is an Educational trail Vernár-Kráľova hoľa, which allows you to make a beautiful trip and to learn about the natural, but also historical conditions of the given location.

It is interesting that it connects two national parks - Slovak Paradise and Low Tatras. That is why you should definitely spend one day on this trip. It is a self-service pedestrian two-way summer and winter trail, whose starting points are either Vernár or Kráľova hoľa. There are 10 information boards installed on the route of the educational trail, which inform visitors about the natural as well as historical facts in this area.

The route is not very difficult, but it is longer and the transition time is estimated to be 5 hours and 30 minutes. A large part of the route leads through open mountainous terrain. It will provide you with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains - Slovak Paradise, Low and High Tatras, Volovské, Stolické Hills and Muráň Plain

You may need some: accommodation Vernár
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