• Blatnica 243, Blatnica

Gaderwheel rental invites you to ride electric scooters through the Gaderska Valley in the Velka Fatra National Park. Scooters are treated in the same way as bicycles. You can enjoy the freedom of movement anywhere, both in towns and the countryside during your stay in Blatnica.

Do not hesitate to try it! You can borrow it in Blatnica at the entrance to Gaderská Dolina near the large parking lot in house number 243.

You don't have to worry about being tired. With the electric drive you can ride even without your feet doit any work at all. 🙂

 Children, helmets and child seats are free of charge.

You may need some: accommodation Blatnica
Tourist map (GPS 48.93107, 18.93176)
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