• Boženy Nemcovej 2643, Vranov nad Topľou

Immediately upon arrival at the wizarding school, things begin to happen that neither the competent nor know or want to explain. The cycle of events opens with an inscription on the wall with a reference to the Chamber of Secrets. Rumors about a mysterious creature living in the bowels of the school spread fear. The future functioning of the whole academy is under threat and the Ministry is considering closing it.

Escape room (translated escape room) in a time limit of 70 minutes brings a unique experience that you will not forget easily! Imagine you're locked in a room, relying only on rational thinking and help of your friends. The aim of Escape room is to cooperate, look for clues, solve various puzzles or interesting puzzles and eventually escape from the room back to reality!

We are located in the building of ElektroAntoš, about 15 minutes walk from the train and bus station. The game is suitable for 2-8 players and must be booked in advance by phone.

There is no need to know the theme or story to successfully master this room.

You may need some: accommodation Vranov nad Topľou
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