• A.Hlinku 42 (3. poschodie), Čadca

The story of the escape game takes place in a military bunker in Kysuce, in September 1944, when Slovak National Uprising and Partisan resistance took place in the territory of the then Slovak State. Only the bravest were able to stand up to the regime and fight it.

Resistance gained information that there are plans for operations in the bunker 221 which would essentially help the uprising. The plans are hidden and will not be easy to find!

You have become captives, but your comrades will not leave you in the hands of the enemy too long. Your mission is to find secret plans and escape from the military bunker in 60 minutes! Prepare for a thrilling adventure and help the guerrillas reverse the fate of the whole region.

The game must be booked in advance by phone or email.

You may need some: accommodation Čadca
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