In the village of Širkovce, in a very hilly terrain, there used to stand the medieval castle named Kapla also known as Širkovce Castle. It was known for many years only from drawings and publications that have survived until archaeological excavations have been carried out to uncover its remains.

The castle was built by the Ratold family in the 13th century and the castle's ruins date back to the 15th century. During the archaeological excavations, the foundations of the castle tower were discovered in difficult terrain. With the naked eye it is possible to explore the castle moat.

During the archaeological survey of the castle, there were also found fragments of ceramic fragments, a needle tip and an iron knife, an interesting finding of a drumble - a musical instrument, as well as a torsion of a chamber tile with a depiction of St. Barbara.

The extinct castle of Kapla can be reached along about 1 km long blue-marked hiking trail, which begins in the village Širkovce. The hike is not challenging even though the pavement is steeper in places.

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