• GPS: 48.93725, 20.42725

If you want to experience the true wilderness in the heart of one of the most beautiful gorges of the Slovak Paradise, we recommend visiting the ferrata HZS (Mountain Rescue Service) Kyseľ. It is about 2 km long secured climbing route, which will lead you through the Kyseľ gorge in the most attractive way. Ferrata is also suitable for beginners.

Kyseľ Gorge is the strictest protected area and thanks to the technical security of the ferrata, you have the opportunity to get to know this area in its original, unbridled and wild beauty. Obviously the most attractive section is the crossing of the creek or climbing rock formations.

Ferrata can be visited either individually or it is possible to order an escort with an expert commentary from the National Park Administration staff at the Slovak Paradise National Park Administration. Passing through the gorge is only possible in one direction, from the bottom up.

To pass this gorge you will need the basic ferrata equipment, which is the seat, helmet and protection set. You can borrow Ferrata gear in different locations for a small fee. Remember to have firm and non-slippery shoes.

Ferrata HZS Kyseľ is open from 15 June to 31 October. Entry to the gorge is only possible with a valid ticket.

You may need some: accommodation district Spišská Nová Ves
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