As the name suggests, it is a set of five beautiful glacier lakes of different sizes. They are located at the end of Malá Studená dolina (Little Cold Valley), near probably the most famous Tatra Cottage - Téry's Cottage. Each one is unique and completes the unique alpine character.

You may wonder why these lakes are called "Spiš" when they are actually in Tatras and not in the region of Spiš. The name of these lakes is derived from determining their location in the territory of the historic Spiš County.

The surroundings of the lakes are interwoven with hiking trails that connect Téry's Cottage with Tatranská Javorina and Zbojnícka Cottage. The starting point is Hrebienok, from where the trail leads along Zamkovsky Cottage and continues through Little Cold Valley. Further it goes through Sedielko, from where you can enjoy beautiful views of all the lakes. This route passes through one of the most demanding ascents in the Tatras - through Priečne sedlo You can continue towards the lakes and Téry's Cottage.

The route leads through demanding alpine terrain and therefore requires appropriate footwear and clothing.

You may need some: accommodation Starý Smokovec
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