• GPS: 49.49581, 19.34347

Forest educational trails are a successful project under the auspices of LESY SR, (FORESTS OF THE SLOVAK REPUBLIC), the aim of which is to present not only the environment in which tourists move, but also to popularize and help understand the style of forestry work for the forest and for society.

One of these forest trails is also the one in the massif of Pilsko Hill. It starts at Randová Cottage and is 4.7 km long.

Pilsko Forest Trail leads along marked, modified trails with eight information boards.

It offers the opportunity to know and compare the forest that is cultivated by people who benefit from it, as well as the forest that gradually dies and its development is left to nature.

The nature trail is best accessible from Mútne, from the Malák chalet via the yellow tourist trail. From Oravské Veselé, you can walk there from the bus stop (Kumor) or by car.

Around a 2-hour trip is certainly also suitable for families with children. The children do not have to walk too much and still they get to know the beauty of the Orava nature and obtian a lot of valuable information.

For groups, it is possible to arrange a guide from the Forestry Administration of Mútne to provide you with a commentary. The educational trail is open all year round and is bi-directional.

You may need some: accommodation Oravské Veselé
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