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PARK SNOW Ski Resort Donovaly is a winter paradise for all winter sports enthusiasts, but in summer it turns into an adrenaline entertainment center of Fun Arena Donovaly.

The sun-drenched alpine nature offers the largest attraction - the toboggan bobsleigh, which is the second track of its kind in Slovakia. 7 jumps and 11 sharp turns will take care of enough adrenaline for both young and old.

In the exciting entertainment, you can then continue in the rope center, where a 500 meters long rope adventure awaits you at a height of 2 m above ground.

The rope center is located right in the woods lining the main road connecting Banská Bystrica with Ružomberok. Small climbers have a small rope center and a small climbing wall for free.

The most popular Fun Arena attraction is the bungee trampoline. In addition to the bungee trampoline, there is also an 8-position trampoline, where your kids will surely have a lot of fun.

Let yourself be charmed by the bird's eye view thanks to the tandem flight with the instructor. The flight takes about 10-15 minutes in the height of 200-500 meters.

And if all these attractions are still not enough for you, choose to explore Donovaly quickly and ecologically, comfortably from the modern e-scooter seat.

A new water adventure and educational park with 9 attractions - "Myšiačikov" Children's Park - will also light up the children's eyes.

You may need some: accommodation Donovaly
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