• Hlavné námestie 1, Šahy

Gallery Ľ. Simonyi is part of the Hont Museum in Šahy. The gallery is located in the building of the former county house, the current municipal office. Permanent exhibitions of the gallery are works presenting the life and work of academic painter Ľudovít Simonyi.

The gallery prefers especially the visual arts of artists living or coming from the region of Šahy. At present, the gallery owns 500 works of art, mostly paintings, sculptures and smaller statues. In the courtyard of the Gallery of Ľudovít Simonyi, there is a sculpture of the ceramist Adriena Kutaková called Relations.

At the Ľ. Simonyi Gallery, visitors can also admire short-term art exhibitions. The institution also provides art exhibitions for the Menora Saag Centrum Artis - a renewed synagogue at Bartókovo Square in Šahy, where an exhibition of sculptures and statues is installed.

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