• Námestie M. Tompu 5, Rimavská Sobota

The Gemer-Malohont Museum in Rimavská Sobota is the fifth oldest museum in Slovakia. The museum is housed in a historic building built in the Classicist style, which originally served as artillery barracks. The establishment of the museum dates from 3 September 1882, when it was first organized a magnificent art - archaeological exhibition.

The Gemer-Malohont Museum is documenting the nature and society of the historical Gemer and Malohont and since 1996 has documented the material and spiritual culture of the Roma in the wider region. The Museum's collection is made up of 71,134 objects that visitors can see at several permanent exhibitions:

  • Homeland exposition
  • Geology, paleontology
  • Zoology
  • Archeology
  • History
  • Literary traditions
  • Ethnology
  • History of fine arts
  • Anti-fascist resistance and SNP in gemeri-malohonte

The Gemer-Malohont Museum organizes an average of 13 new exhibitions every year. Last but not least, the museum also provides space for authorial exhibitions presenting past and present professional and non-professional artists and artists of the region.

The Gemer-Malohont Museum also includes a library consisting of a handbook collection (13,021 library units) and a historical book collection (32,854 library units).

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