The Tribeč mountain range is situated in the Fatra-Tatras region between the towns of Nitra, Partizánske and Zlaté Moravce. Its highest peak is Greater Tribeč towering at an altitude of 835 m above sea level. It offers an excellent walk through beautiful nature. On the top, there is is a grassy plain surrounded by deciduous forests with limited views.

Although the journey to the top may seem endless, it is accompanied by beautiful views that will bring this ascend. And when you climb to the top, you'll be very happy that you decided for this trip after all.

You can reach the peak of Tribeč by several hiking trails from several villages located in the valley. The simplest approach is the red marked trail from Kostoľany pod Tribečom.

The section you go through is about seven kilometers long and you can climb it in two hours with an elevation of less than 600 meters.

Even the educational trail leads from the village of Solčany, so if you want to learn more about this locality and some attractions, we recommend to take this tourist route.

accommodation district Zlaté Moravce
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