If you are going to Little Fatra, you should definitely not miss the most attractive valley in this area. It is the valley of Tiesňava (The Gulley), which creates a charming entrance to Vrátna Valley.

The gulleys of Little Fatra represent a roughly half-day trip, during which you enter the fascinating world of rock towers, bridges, as well as virgin nature and beautiful panoramic views extending into the most distant corners.

The best starting point is certainly the parking lot Tiesňavy from where you go along the blue marked trail towards Zbojnícky Castle. The route will take you through the narrow canyon of Varínka River with several waterfalls.

You will find yourself among remarkable rock formations, the most famous of which is the Stone Monk. Other boulders will remind you of the camel, the five waggoners, the crocodile, the Jánošík's cloakroom, the Jánošík's skittle alley and the organs.

The hiking trail also leads through the denser forest, which offers redemption in the form of pleasant shade in the summer heat. The forest trail turns into rocky cliffs as the number of meters rises, and the turrets from where you can enjoy the magnificent views.

More demanding tourists will certainly enjoy the narrow rock cracks and exposed parts, which are also secured by auxiliary chains, iron stairs or ladders.

You may need some: accommodation Terchová
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