The picturesque Kysuce village of Raková offers pleasant leisure time that can be spent with horses in the Happy Horse Stable on the meadow behind the AVC plant.

For all visitors, there are 7 noble horses, which are very pleased if you bring them carrots or apples and as a reward, they will take you for a ride.

If you are thinking how to spend a sunny weekend with your closest ones, come here and experience an unforgettable experience with the most beautiful view of the world - from horseback.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you can try riding or attend riding lessons that are suitable for the youngest and beginners as well as for advanced riders.

If you want to get to know the beauty of the surrounding countryside, you will surely be delighted with the opportunity to walk in the area of Kysuce region with a guide.

If your children do not have any program during the summer holidays and would like to spend it in a company of horses, you can sign up them for a stay camp where not only horses but also animators are looking forward to them.

Please book your ride in advance by phone.

You may need some: accommodation Raková
Tourist map (GPS 49.4387, 18.71708)
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Anna • May 2023
„Dobrý deň chcela by som sa spýtať dalo by sa to aj bez ubytovania?“
Anonym • Nov 2020
„Moja dcéra miluje kone a chcela by na nich nazdiť preto ju toto leto prihlásim na tábor.“

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