The village of Vígľaš lies in the valley of the river Slatina in Zvolen basin 14 km east of Zvolen. The ruins of the Vígľaš Chateau rise on the left bank of Slatina, directly above the road.

The forest railway from Vígľaš to Poľana started to be built in 1904. The first section from Vígľaš to Očovská sawmill was completed in 1905 and was put into operation in 1906. In 1907, the section from Očov to Kyslinky was completed - put into operation on November 23, 1907. The total length of the track was 26 km.

After the Second World War, the railway was in operation until October 1, 1975, when it was officially cancelled by the forest management. Track and dismantled auxiliary equipment were gradually dismantled.

However, the monument to the forest railway has not completely disappeared. The Department of Culture of the District National Committee has decided that a few meters of rail, steam locomotive U175 48, passenger car, platform wagon and 4 bolster waggons will be preserved anyway. Thanks to this decision, today we can find them below the castle on the eastern edge of the village of Vígľaš. Forest paths lead along the former track.

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