One of the sites, thanks to which the Slovak Paradise National Park is one of the most beautiful natural areas of Slovakia, is Breakthrough of Hornád River.

The Hornád Breakthrough is a great attraction for Slovak as well as foreign tourists. It is a charming canyon valley, about 16 km long. It is a section of the upper stream of the river Hornád from the mouth of the Great White Water to the village of Smižany.

During long millenniums, Hornád created a canyon-like valley, through which the so-called Mountain Rescue Path leads. There are 7 metal bridges and footbridges built on this sidewalk, about 320 m of chains in exposed rock walls, 140 step boards and about 70 m of wooden footbridges.

The biggest attraction for tourists, even with a small dose of adrenaline, are sections that need to be overcome through iron footsteps embedded in the rock right above the surface of Hornád.

The lower section of the Hornád valley is equipped with a 15 km long educational trail. The Hornád Breakthrough with 11 information boards introduces local fauna, flora and geomorphology.

This circular route is one of the most challenging and combines the demanding passage through the canyon-like part of the Hornád Breakthrough and the comfortable walk along the Ihrík lookout ridge. The starting point and destination is the recreational settlement of Podlesok.

Hiking in the Hornád Breakthrough site is a bit more popular in winter, for those who love antics of winter nature. You can admire the incredible power of nature and the play of light passing through the bluish icicles, which achieve admirable dimensions in some places.

You may need some: accommodation Smižany
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