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Learning to ride a horse should be a combination of pleasure and effort. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the natural life and the surroundings, while the ride also provides something extra - it contributes to your fitness and agility.

The family stall with three horses offers horseback riding in beautiful Kysuce hills, mountains and meadows to all small and large visitors . If you are a beginner, nevermind, you will be taught to ride. You will feel perfect relaxation and adrenaline in one :)

Children on horses are led by an instructor or they can play different ball games on a large meadow. You can also bring something good to roast with you.

Horses may be lent for wedding or other occasional events with photography. The whole team of instructors is looking forward to your visit, as well as great and characteristic horses.

For more information,call or email us. Riding must be booked in advance.

You may need some: accommodation district Kysucké Nové Mesto
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Anonym • Jul 2023
„Dcéra bola veľmi spokojná. Naučili sme sa veľa nového a prakticky sme si všetko vyskúšali. Je to na úrovni. :o) Tešíme sa na ďalšiu hodinu. :o)“

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