There is no need to travel far away to see waterfalls. Our national parks hide many of them in a mountain embrace. Larger, smaller, as well as entire waterfall systems add a picturesque and romantic character to many wild gorge or valley.

Even in the ravine of the Little Cold Brook, you will find one fairy waterfall that you should not miss under any circumstances. It is the so-called Obrovský vodopád (Huge Waterfall) near the popular Zamkovský Cottage at an altitude of 1330 m.

The Huge Waterfall is about 20 meters tall. Although it is not one of the highest waterfalls in Slovakia, it is definitely very powerful, so the name "huge" is certainly right.

Several hiking trails lead from the Tatranská Lesná, Tatranská Lomnica, Starý Smokovec and Hrebienok to the Huge Waterfall. From the waterfall, you get to Téry's cottage via the red-marked hiking route and make a sightseeing tour of the beautiful Tatra nature.

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