Below the foothills of the Čergov Mountains, in the picturesque arms of the Drienická Valley, is the Drienica - Lysá mountain resort.

It is the place where a relaxation complex has been built, providing recreation, sports and tourism. The complex is part of the Javorná hotel complex.

There is a 25-meter swimming pool and a small pool for children. During summer, an outdoor swimming pool and terrace with sun loungers are available.

In addition, Drienica is also a very popular resort thanks to the Vital World, whose services you can use throughout the year. Here, you will find a salt cave, an ancient eucalyptus room, a steam sauna, a Finnish sauna, a 7-seater hydromassage bath (7 seats), a hot and cold pool and a relaxation room.

Pleasant massage techniques and skills will be available at the massage center. Those who do not last for a while without proper sporting activities will certainly use the services of a fitness center.

As the resort is located in an alpine setting, it is rich in natural beauty, which you must map for sure. You can go hiking or quietly take a bike ride along the cycling routes.

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