Even in one of the oldest cities in Slovakia, in Zvolen, you can find an open indoor swimming pool that offers its services to visitors whether it is summer or winter, offering active relaxation, swimming and recreation.

The swimming pool is open every day from afternoon until evening hours, which is an ideal time to go swimming and relaxing, for example, when you return from work.

You can swim in the waters of a 25-meter swimming pool with a maximum depth of 3.8 meters. Even the smallest ones can try their first swimming shots.

For children there are two small children's pools with a maximum depth of 40 and 60 cm. However, a children's pool with less depth is only available during summer, as well as the beach and playground.

Of course, there are showers, changing rooms or social facilities. Additional services include, for example, a sauna where you can step in and get warm, or go for a massage or improve your abilities at the fitness center.

Small snacks are provided at the buffet and, if necessary, a sports equipment rental is available too.

City bathsare also specific because they are also the center of fin diving and speed swimming. This place is home to clubs with excellent results in international competitions.

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