• Terézie Vansovej 2, Zvolenská Slatina
The time required is approx. 40 minutes.
The time required is approx. 40 minutes.

We invite you to the Ján Kulich Gallery in Zvolenská Slatina. We will acquaint you with the work of one of the most important representatives of Slovak sculpture - with the work of prof. Ján Kulich, which is fundamentally affected by Slovakia and which rightly strengthens our national pride.

The exhibition named "The relationship between home and the world ..." presents a selection and cross-section of Ján Kulich's lifelong work, which builds on the national-historical heritage and draws into various layers of Slovak and world culture through portraits of public figures and symbolism and imagery of folk culture customs.

The exhibition maps various periods of work of prof. Ján KULICH through drawings, sketches, medals, reliefs, portraits, figural compositions, processed in wood, stone, welded iron, bronze and hydronal. A selection of 196 works by Ján Kulich from a lifelong creative period from 1935 to 2013 has been installed on an area of 300 m2: 90 sculptures, 27 medals, 25 reliefs and 54 drawings

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