• Julova dolina 107, Pleš

The traditional family farm in the south of Slovakia is situated in the beautiful surroundings of Julova Valley. It is located near the village of Pleš. The area is large and offers up to 5 hectares of pasture.

You can ride a horse here and smaller ponies are prepared for children. For experienced riders, it is also possible to ride indivudually under supervision or in the field.

They also offer horseback riding lessons for beginners and intermediate riders. Rides must be booked in advance by telephone.

As is the case in such a farm, in addition to horses, you will find here other animals such as sheep, chickens, dogs or kittens.

A rich accompanying program is prepared for children. Workers will guide you through the farm and you will learn about all the animals a lot.

The farm yard is spacious and offers the possibility of roasting. The adjoining meadow is a great choice for a variety of ball games, archery or collecting healing herbs.

Riding must be booked in advance by telephone.

You may need some: accommodation district Lučenec
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