The ruins of the Kapušian Castle are situated on the hill Zámčisko above the village of Kapušany.

Kapušany Castle was built in the 13th century and served mainly to protect the important royal route from Prešov to Bardejov. The first owner was the family of Maglód, the last and longest owner was the Kapy family.

The Hungarian Concilium in 1715 decided to destroy it by fire, which had to be carried out by its owner Eva Gergelaky, so that the castle would not become the center of the anti-Habsburg uprising.

The ascent to Kapušany Castle begins in the village of Kapušany at the railway station, where you follow the green sign. You cross the river Sekčov and at the end of the village, at the last houses a short but rather steep climb to the castle begins.

Kapušany Castle is definitely worth a visit, as it offers nice views especially on the opposite Slanské Hills, but also the Sekčov Valley up to city of Prešov and Ondava Uplands.

In recent years, the ruins of the Kapušany Castle have been reconstructed and the area is being enhanced, which is also evidenced by the observation tower with its impressive view. The management object serves as an information center too.

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