The rock emblazoned with dark legends rises above the village of Sklabinský Podzámok. The peak provides a wonderful semi-circular view of the Greater Fatra, part of the Turčianska basin and also the Lučánska Little Fatra.

The rock was named after the nearby Sklabiňa Castle, which served as a place of executions and many uncomfortable people were thrown off its top. It also binds the reputation that a cursed young girl lives in the rock. A tormentor had imprisoned her in the rock wall to force her to marry him. Since this didn't work, he cursed her and now she has to sit there on his treasure. But once in a hundred years she has the opportunity to say one sentence. And so, once in a century, she screams "set me free!" with the expectation that some young man would release her.

The unpretentious ascent along the red trail from Sklabinský Podzámok takes about an hour and can be a pleasant variegation of a Sunday afternoon.

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