Typically sharp peak of Kozí chrbát (Goat's Back) is the dominant of the main ridge of the Low Tatras, in the part of Starohorské Hills. The hill is known for its enchanting natural beauties, diverse scenery and thanks to this, it is one of the sought-after and frequently visited hills.

Kozí chrbát is also a forest reserve. The lower positions are wooded, in several places the dense forest transforms into beautiful forest glade, while the top parts are grassy and covered with rich flowering. Thanks to this, there is truly a beautiful view of Zvolen Basin and Horehronie region, the peaks of the Low Tatras and the Greater Fatra.

The top parts of Kozí chrbát include also surface karstic phenomena such as fissure grikes or sinkholes belonging to the Ďumbiersky Karst. The location is home to several valuable and rare alpine species of animals.

Kozí chrbát is easy to access and offers unpretentious tourism, which will be loved by occasional hikers, families with children as well as more demanding tourists. Several ascent routes from Donovaly (about 10 km), Korytnica (about 8 km) or Moštenická Acid Water lead here. There is also a marked cycling trail right below the peak.

A yellow-marked hiking trail passes through the territory, which serves as a cross-country track in winter, and the main red-marked hiking trail passes through the ridge.

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